Taxi services in Colombo

Several ride-hailing services are active in Colombo, whilst you can also use local taxi companies.

Ride-hailing services

Regular taxi services

Colombo has several regular taxi services, which includes the likes of Kangaroo Cabs. You can call these services – or use their app – and order a taxi.


Sri Lanka is famous for its ‘tuk-tuks’ – small, three-wheeled taxis, that offer seating capacity for up to 3 passengers.

Bajaj Three-wheeler Tuk Tuk
Typical three-wheeler taxi, Image copyright: Bajaj/ DPMC

Tuk-tuks are typically cheap, and faster because the drivers will use short-cuts in congested streets. However, always make sure that you ride on a ‘metered’ tuk-tuk to avoid excessive rates that may be quoted by some drivers.

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